Securing your retirement dreams

Solomon Forman
M.Comm (Financial Planning)

Founder of Forman Financial
Services specialising in Financial
Planning and Investment Advice.
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Securing Your Retirement Dreams - Sefertov

“Cash flow in retirement and a lifestyle of choice must surely be the big concerns for people planning their post working life. Solomon Forman addresses these concerns in a highly original and innovative way. Securing Your Retirement Dreams offers a novel and significant shift in financial planning in a highly readable fashion to help you build sufficient wealth to fund the retirement of your dreams. Guiding the reader through some of the complexities of financial planning, the book will take all the fear and anxiety out of funding your retirement.”
Morris Kaplan, Best Selling Author of the money management book “5 Years to Financial Freedom”

"Financial planning is not a science.  Rather it is a variable process which takes an investors current circumstances and seeks to propose strategies to enable that investor to reach their goals and aspirations.  Solomon Forman's informative book will be invaluable to financial advisers and investors.  His ideas come from his many practical years experience as a financial planner.  Most readers will find his concept of splitting retirement income needs into 'basic needs', 'wants' and 'wishes' an innovative approach for their own circumstances."
Tony Negline, author of "A How To Book of Self Managed Super Funds" -

“Solomon has taken what many people think of as a boring subject – financial management – and made it fascinating.  Utilising years of real life experience as a financial planner, Sol’s characters are easily relatable and through their stories the task of managing money becomes much more enjoyable and understandable for everyone, whether you are a monk or a millionaire!”
Julianne Bell, Managing Director, Financial Writers Australia –